Spring Sport Try-Outs Information

Spring Sport Try-Outs
*Must have a 2.0 (non-weighted) GPA in Academics and Citizenship
*Must pick-up "My Ticket To Play" in the Physical Education Classroom.
* Pick-up Tickets at Lunch or After School Monday, FEB. 13 - Thursday FEB. 16
* Students can not try-out without a ticket.
Try-out Dates
Sport Day Date Time Who? Place
SOFTBALL Saturday Feb. 18 8:45am New Players Softball Field
Saturday Feb. 18 12:45am Returners Softball Field
Coach Mark Potter email: mdkpotter@cox.net
BASEBALL Saturday Feb.18 8am 9th - 12th Baseball Field
Coach Scott Hopgood email: Qdawgs12@aol.com
TRACK AND FIELD Saturday Feb. 20 9am 9th - 12th Stadium Field
Coach Jonn Pisapia email: jpisapia@sandi.net
BOYS TENNIS Saturday Feb. 18 8am 9th - 12th Tennis Courts
Coach Lorene Dabney email: ldabney@sandi.net
BOYS VOLLEYBALL Monday Feb. 20 8am 9th - 12th PE Classroom
Coach Kahili Schucht email: kahili0469@gmail.com
BADMINTON Tuesday Feb. 21 3pm 9th - 12th Front of Gym
Coach Doug Marchetti email: dmarchetti@sandi.net
GOLF Tuesday Feb. 21 3pm 9th - 12th Stadium Golf
Coach Kent Tartt email: ktartt@sandi.net
SWIM Tuesday Feb. 21 2:30pm 9th - 12th Tierrasanta Pool
Coach Suzie Fore email: sfore1@sandi.net
BOYS LACROSSE Monday Feb. 20 12pm 9th - 12th Stadium
Coach Mike Gordon email: mwgordo@gmail.com
GIRLS LACROSSE Tuesday Feb. 21 2:25pm 9th - 12th Upper Field
Coach Laurie Berger email: lberger913@yahoo.com