Join the P.T.O. today and play your part in your child’s education.

Join the P.T.O. today and play your part in your child’s education.

ü  BETTER TEST SCORES – The Serra P.T.O. supplied snacks to ALL students during testing days last year, which resulted in students taking the testing seriously, which resulted in higher test scores for Serra.  Higher test scores will positively influence Serra High in many ways.  Students will realize that they can achieve if they really try.  Higher test scores also will attract future students, who might have chosen to go elsewhere for high school.
ü  RETAIN TOP PERFORMING TEACHERS/STAFF – Another vital way the P.T.O. helps Serra High is through Teachers/Staff appreciation functions.  We want the best Teachers/Staff to stay/come to Serra to benefit our students.  When the Teachers/Staff feel appreciated, they enjoy being at Serra.  They will tell their friends who are Teachers/Staff how wonderful it is to teach at Serra High.  The P.T.O. also provides hospitality to students, families and the community.
ü  The P.T.O. provides for campus beautification, classroom support and scholarships for graduating seniors.

Becoming a member of the Serra P.T.O. allows you to become as involved with your student’s high school as you desire.  You can become a board member and attend the monthly meetings, or if you do not want to commit any time for meetings, you can become a member and show your support by paying only the membership dues.
     Together, with the support of our community, families, students, teachers, and administration, we can continue to make Serra the high school we all want it to be!
Return your membership dues (checks payable to Serra P.T.O. with your student’s name on it) in the enclosed envelope at Fall Orientation – you’ll receive a complimentary package of Starbursts!
·       The minimum dues are $10.00 per member.  Every penny stays at Serra!
·       You may, and we encourage you to, contribute more than $10.00.
·       Feel free to invite your neighbors and relatives to join.
·       Every envelope* received at orientation will automatically be entered into our
 “Membership Opportunity Drawing” for a chance to win awesome prizes!
*This means every envelope with or without contributions will be entered into the
Opportunity Drawing.
Your membership chairpersons,
Monica Weishan, Dionne Lozano and Cathi Mehnert

First Day of School: Tuesday, September 6

Period 1 begins promptly at 7:30 am.   All students need to pick up a new schedule on the morning of September 6.  Please leave early to allow time for traffic and waiting in line to pick up your new schedule.  All students should have their schedule and be in class, ready to learn, by 7:30am.  

"Freshmen First Day"- Optional Orientation Aug 30th

August 30th is Freshman First Day.  This is not the first day of instruction for 9th graders.  It is an optional orientation to life at Serra High School.  Beginning at 8:00am in the gym, students will have the opportunity to meet their classmates and participate in activities that will help with their transition to High School.  

2011-2012 Modified Days and Holidays

A list of the 2011-2012 modified days and holidays is now available at:

2011-2012 Bell Schedule Now On Line

There has be a slight change to the bell schedule.  Visit: view the new schedule

Working Students Under Age 18 Need New Work Permit For New School Year

As the 2011-2012 school year begins, working minors and their employers are reminded of the state law that requires any employee less than 18 years of age who has not graduated from high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Examination to have a Permit to Employ and Work.

Minors are responsible for obtaining this work permit application and employers are required to terminate the employment for any minor for whom they do not have an active work permit.

Minors who have graduated from high school or passed the California proficiency exam may give a copy of their high school diploma or proficiency exam certificate to their employer in lieu of a work permit. Minors who have not fulfilled one of these requirements must be enrolled in school in order to have a work permit application processed. A passing score on the California High School Exit Exam (CAHEE) does not exempt minors from work permit requirements.

All current work permits expire on September 13, following the start of the new school year on September 6. The expiration date is indicated on all permits.

Students may obtain application forms, or get information about work permits and child labor laws, at any high school, or contact the district¹s work permit office at (858) 627-7355, or see the website at