Message to Parents From Principal Jimenez


As many of you know we have been experiencing extraordinary times with economic issues and crisis throughout the state and country.  I want to thank all the parents for their patience and support of our students, staff and school community.  In addition I want to acknowledge all the students and thank them for arriving to school daily with wonderful attitudes and spirits as they pass through these difficult economic times.

Because of lower than expected enrollment at our school site this school year, we will need to reduce our teaching staff by one teacher in order to stay within our budget.  Over the next week we will experience some changes in our master schedule.   The reduction will be made with the intent to cause the least amount of disruption to student’s academic and social environment.  In addition we are trying to keep the stability of the staff and current schedules as much as possible.

Having said this, I need to make clear that this is a major change to our master schedule and everyone will be impacted.  Some will experience more of a major impact while others may experience very minimal impact.  When making such a major change to the master schedule it is very natural for a ripple effect to occur and impact all students and staff.  Please be aware that it is highly likely your child may experience either a major or minor change in his/her schedule.

Finally, across the district we have some school sites that will reduce staff due to lower than expected enrollment (like Serra High School) while other schools will gain staff due to increases in enrollment.  Overall the district is down more than 1700 students.  Teachers who were laid off will be recalled to fill any final vacancies which may result in a change of staff at the site.  At this time I do not have any information about any impact this may have to our staff here at SHS.

On behalf of the district I would like to apologize for any inconvenience and stress your child may experience as a result of this change.  I would also like to add my apologies for any inconvenience to family and parents.  Together we will work through these difficult times for the better of our students.

With Gratitude,

Michael Jimenez
Serra High School