Message About Period 6 Athletics

As many of you are aware we have been facing budget cuts over the past seven years.  We are constantly juggling budgets in order to meet instructional needs for the students at Serra. Because of budget cuts we will not be able to provide the needed supervision for sixth period athletics.  This makes for a difficult and unsafe environment for our student athletes in period six PE/athletics.
We will only be able to schedule a certain amount of students period six athletics because of for safety concerns.
In an attempt to impact the least number of students involved, we will be scheduling athletes into 6th Period PE using the following criteria.  Period six athletics will accommodate the larger sports that can accommodate larger numbers of students.  We are also looking at three-sport athletes, academic and citizenship GPA’s, date the athletic packet is received, as well as other criteria.
Due to specific state required curriculum for 9th grade, all 9th grade students will have to take PE during the regular ninth grade PE periods 1 and 4.
We apologize for any inconvenience.