Behavior Expectations For Athletic Competitions

To Serra High School Families,

Tonight we have an exciting basketball game against Patrick Henry High School at Patrick Henry High School’s gymnasium.  I wanted to share my concern for student safety, because some of the activity after our last game against Patrick Henry did not represent either school in a positive fashion.  Please talk to your student about sportsmanship and your expectations in terms of their actions both during and after the game.  It has been brought to our attention by a number of students that students from both schools have been exchanging negative and inappropriate messages via electronic communications (Internet, Facebook, and Twitter).  The messages contain verbal slurs as well as threatening remarks and plans to meet after the game for a possible physical confrontation.

Both principals have been working closely together and have agreed to remove any spectator(s) from the game for any inappropriate and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.  Removal from the game may result in a suspension if deemed necessary by the principal(s) of the school.  In addition school police has been contacted about the electronic messages and possible meeting post competition.  SDUSD Police will also be contacting SDPD for assistance if needed.

The girl’s game is at 6:00 p.m. and the boy’s game begins at 7:30 p.m. and the games will likely be a sellout based on our pre-ticket sales.  Once the Serra or Henry side is filled, Henry High School will close the ticket sales as we don't want students sitting on the opponent’s sides.  If we have to turn away anyone at the door, Henry will fully refund any un-used tickets that were sold earlier.

It is my hope that we have a competitive game with spirited fans that are there to watch and enjoy the sport.  Please help me support this mission by outlining clear expectations for your student and reminding them to honor the sportsmanship policy of CIF and the schools and the under-age curfew laws by going directly home after the game.

Go Conquistadors!


Michael Jimenez

Principal SHS