Serra Winter Wonderland

It turns out the Mayans did not predict the world’s end on 12/21/12; and they also didn’t predict it would snow at Serra High School on the same day.  Thanks to Community sponsor, Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark Magic Soaps, students and teachers were treated to a frosty surprise on the Friday before winter break.  When Conquistadors went into their fourth period classes, Serra was the picture of a typical Southern California High School the day before winter break.  Sun in the sky, slight chill in the air, students rushing to class in their shorts and sandals, and palm trees soaking up the sunshine.  When the bell for lunch rang, “Let It Snow” was piped into all the rooms through the intercom and students emerged from the buildings, unknowing that their campus had been transformed into a veritable winter wonderland.

The trees, buildings, windows, pathways were all covered with what looked like…. snow.  Students and teachers were elated and surprised by the site.  The front of Serra’s library was the wintery focal point.  The entire façade of the building was frosted from top to bottom.  This made the perfect backdrop for Serra’s choral ensemble, which assembled on a stage in front of the library.  The vocally talented group of students sang carols while student took pictures with Santa and his trusty sidekick, Buddy The Elf.

Overall, it was an amazing scene at Serra High School.  For some of our students, this was the closest thing to snow they have ever seen.  The holiday spirit was thick in the air, and this is all thanks to the donated services of Abner Nevarez and Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark Magic Soaps.