Choose Serra: 8th Grade Shadow Application

Current Middle School Parents:

Next year, your student will begin their freshman year in high school.  This is a big step for many families and, at Serra High School, we know that you want only the best for your children.  From the middle school perspective, high school can seem daunting for students and parents.  We also, know that you have a choice when it comes to where you will ultimately send your child to high school.

We would like the opportunity to let your family see first hand why Serra is the right choice for your child’s high school years.  Beginning January 31st, Serra will be opening its doors to 8th
graders and their families in our first official 8th Grade Shadow.  Based on your child’s academic and extracurricular preferences, we will match your child with a Serra student that shares the same interests.  

For example, if your child has a passion for science, journalism or yearbook we’ll be sure to match them with a Serra student enrolled in Bio Tech, newspaper or  yearbook.  Serra high school has much to offer students and this will be an opportunity for your child to experience that firsthand.

Click Here To Download Application.