Girls Tennis Season Recap

The girls tennis team at Serra went all out this season, fighting to make it to CIF.  Not only did they make it to the play-offs with an impressive 14-5 record, but they also made it to the semi-finals for the first time since Coach Lorene Dabney started coaching in 2005.  This was an amazing feat that took heart, perseverance, and courage.  The girls started off every match with their spirited hand-clap, getting them pumped up!  They also took turns creating a goal for themselves, individually, which helped keep them focused.

The determination and spirit of this team is special because there were only 13 members, down from 16 in years past.  Each girl had to step up and do her part to ensure each win.  Many of the girls willingly played in both singles and doubles throughout the season, making it easy to create winning line-up.  Every practice was set up to defeat the upcoming teams, with drills, games, laughter, and hard work.  Another special characteristic of this team is that they all like each other.  There were strong friendships built all season long, with every member feeling included and that helped with the mutual respect they had for each other on the court.  

Individually, the strong doubles team of Karen Villa & Karina Chamberlain were undefeated in the first round of play during the season.  By season's end, they only had two losses, which took them to Individual CIF, where they pulled through to the third round of play.  Getting this far, earned Karen the honor of being on the ALL-CIF 2nd team for Division II!  Congratulations, Karen! Two of our singles players, Joanna Rodriguez and Cassidy Ferrell won their bid to CIF as well, and who represented Serra High with pride.  

One of the unique things Coach Dabney did this year was make all five of her seniors the captains.  Each captain divided the major tasks of the team amongst themselves making it easier to manage.  Those captains/seniors are: Ayako Bright, Rachel Fetterman, Karen Villa, Karissa Santos, and Abbey Stewart.  With the maturity and experience of these ladies, the team was strong.   The rest of the team is: Karina Chamberlain, Joanna Rodriguez, Olivia Gesikowski, Sara Gormican, Megan Hutton, Cassidy Ferrell, Kristine Ly, and Remi Ha. 

Behind every great team is a great support system.  Coach Dabney and the team would like to thank the awesome parents who help drive to matches, provide nutritious snacks, and giving moral support.  A very special thank you goes to Mr. & Mrs. Chad Chamberlain for donating brand new uniforms to the entire team.  This brought pride and confidence to the girls as they pushed themselves to improve day after day.  The uniforms look beautiful as they shine with the Serra High School colors and the girls look fantastic in them.  Thank you for such a generous gift!

Thank you to our Tierrasanta community along with the tennis community for always supporting our teams.  It's wonderful to have such a close nit group of people who love our students and are willing to assist them in any way they can.  

If you have questions about the Serra Tennis Program, you can contact Coach Dabney at